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Charter’s clubhouse is equipped with everything you will need if you want to study, play games, or just hang out. Our Great Room on the first floor is a popular place to relax between meals and classes, and features couches and chairs perfect for doing work in comfort — or sneaking a quick nap!

Popular studying spots around the club include the Stewart room (a favorite place for interviews and meetings), the upstairs dining room (a great place to eat and do work), and our beautiful library (a perfect spot to grind for that problem set due tomorrow).

In terms of recreational spaces, the club has a TV room with stadium seating and a big screen TV with surround sound, plus a computer cluster with six desktop computer stations, each of which has tons of games already downloaded. Charter has a number of gaming consoles like a Nintendo Switch, an Xbox One, and a WiiU, and you can often find members devoting themselves to the church of Super Smash Bros in the TV room or playing PC games in the cluster.

One of the best-kept secrets about Charter is its expansive backyard, complete with sand volleyball court, a basketball net, and a hammock for lazing. During the fall and spring, the porch and balcony (connected to the library) are popular spots to get some work done, eat a meal, or just enjoy the nice weather.

Want to get work done late at night, or super early in the morning? Members also have access to the clubhouse 24/7.